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Back in the sun. Back in Hollywood.

I didn’t make any pictures in Chicago. But i was only there to meet someone, and she made some really good pics. I hope I’ll be able to upload those later. Besides that there was not much Chicago had to offer for me. Sure downtown was nice (wait for the pics) and it had some funny bars. But the Hostel was boring and Chicago was already in the beginning of winter, and I sure as hell wasn’t ready for winter. So i had to follow the sun.

So yeah… Back to Hollywood… I am very much enjoying my time here. No idea where to go next… But as usual I will find something. For now it’s good to be back in the sun. Back in a “normal” Hostel environment with “normal”, traveling people in it. Not much to say for now (at least not much that would be appropriate for a public blog…), so have some pictures folks:


Only a small selection of pics because shitty hostel internet is shitty. (Everything else is great about this hostel though!)


Portland ist vor allem eines: Verregnet… Aber dafür rockt das Nachtleben!

Portland is mostly one thing: rainy… But the Nightlife is great!