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Mutt (a command line based Mailclient)

This Article assumes that you already installed and configured Installing postfix

Installing Mutt

yum install mutt

You're already done!


To just send an E-Mail:


Including attachements:

mutt -a /home/somefile.gz

Generate a whole Mail out of a textfile:

mutt -s "Rsnapshot Hourly" -a /home/some_attachement.txt < /var/log/rsnapshot.log
switch parameter Description
-a /home/some_attachement.txt attaches the file to the mail the reciepient
< /var/log/rsnapshot.log adds the rsnapshot.log to the mail as the mail text

Key shortcuts

Taken from Peters Blog

key effect
c change folder
y Change mailbox (if configured)
w set flags
W remove flags
$ exponge
s move
L List reply
g group reply
t tag mails (to remove or move)

my Config

Here are my config files: mutt.tar


skull 2011/07/03 02:46 - Added Key shortcuts
skull 2011/06/04 15:19

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