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Setting Up a Mail Server with Zarafa ZCP

Get Zarafa!

Installing Zarafa


System Packages
EL 5 libicu, w3m, MySQL-python
EL 6 boost-filesystem, boost-system, libicu, w3m, MySQL-python


tar xvzf zcp-6.40.7-26119-rhel-5-i386-free.tar.gz
cd zcp-6.40.7-26119-rhel-5-i386-free
yum localinstall *.rpm

Changing the SQL User

Zarafa will prompt you for the sql root account.
For security reason its better to change the user afterwards. use phpMyAdmin to Add another user named zarafa
and grant all rights to the “zarafa” database.

Afterwards change your /etc/zarafa/server.cfg and

/etc/init.d/zarafa-server restart

Creating a user in Zarafa

zarafa-admin -c testy -p '1234' -f 'TestyMc Test' -e ''

for the switches see the zarafa-admin manpage

Setting up fetchmail

create a .fetchmailrc

Setting up a Cronjob do get the Mails

crontab -e

Add the following line to your crontab

*/5 0-1,2-23 * * * /usr/bin/fetchmail -a -v --invisible >/dev/null 2>&1

Other Examples can be found here:

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