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Project Cugar

Cugar is a Frontend for CAO-Faktura and SugarCRM written in C#.NET.

  • The Sourcecode is available at
  • The Project Documentation is available for my fellow classmates on my Google Docs Account
  • For you Anonymous guys out there: You don't really want to read the Project Documentation… Believe me :)

CAO-Faktura uses MySQL 4. The appropriate download is here. The CAO-Faktura Client Software is available here
SugarCRM is a open source CRM solution which we use at my company. Its based on MySQL 5 and uses a Web Frontend.

It seems that .NET needs an extra Connector for MySQL. I use this one MySQL Connector .NET 6.3.7
Infos about the usage of .NET in combination with MySQL can be found here (German) In order to connect to the mysql 4 server you need the odbc drivers aswell. Get them from here

The Databases


port: 3306
eth0 ip: variable (dhcp)
eth1 ip:
mysql Version: 5.1
Additional Software: phpmyadmin
relevant Database sugarcrm
rootpw: 00mysql00


post: 3306
mysql Version: 4.1.22-win32
Additional Software: phpmyadmin, heidisql
relevant Database: caofaktura
root password: 00mysql00

The SQL Users

Username: Password host
root 00mysql00 both
sugarcrm 00sugar00 sugarcrm

CAO Users

Username: Password
Administrator sysdba
Thomas Thomas
Silvio Silvio
Peter Peter
Cugar Cugar
Mathias 1234

Sugar Users

Username: Password
admin 00sugaradmin00
Mathias 1234
Cugar Cugar
Thomas Thomas
Silvio Silvio
Peter Peter

Activate query logging

# /etc/my.cnf
service mysqld restart

View the live log

tail -f /var/log/mysqld.log


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